moving supplies

Using the proper moving supplies may make the difference between a smooth move and a disappointing one. Keeping your posessions safe with the correct packing and moving supplies is a priority. From packing to loading to storing to unloading, all the correct supplies used make your posessions go from each phase easily and protected.

stacked boxes
Boxes have different sizes for different objects.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are available in many assorted sizes and strengths. Different sizes accomodate various sized items, while special boxes are available for dishes, wardrobes and pictures. The proper size boxes assure that the items are safely packed using the right packing materials. Packing items securely will prevent breakage and damage to personal and valuable items.

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are available for use by customers or by our professionals for all move jobs. Packing yourself could be quite costly if supplies are purchased by a retailer. Our boxes are provided to any customer requesting them at a lower rate since the boxes are being reused. Blankets are used to provide protection to the furniture if packing is done by our moving professionals. Packing services are always available to assist with a smooth move.


Blankets are used for padding during move.

Additional Supplies

Additional moving and packing supplies are also available such as paper for packing, tape for closing boxes and shrink wrap to cover furniture. These items are essentially valueable for the purpose they provide. There are also other supplies that can also be provided upon request.