Professional packing

Packing for a move can prove to be one of the most essential parts of a successful move. Whether the packing is done by a professional moving company or personally, the correct way will ensure the safety of the items. Although insurance may be able to replace many items, some items are irreplaceable.

  • Use the proper size & strength box
  • Pack like items together
  • Wrap breakables in paper or bubble wrap in boxes with extra layer in bottom
  • Label boxes by room and location
  • Keep essentials close by
  • Pack books and literature in smaller boxes to prevent bottoms falling out
  • Use blankets and towels as packing materials to save space
  • Pack electronics in original boxes when possible
  • Pack all wires and cables with electronic equipment
  • Magnetic media should be packed separately
  • Mark boxes fragile for breakables
  • Pieces needing to be disassembled should have all small parts bagged and taped with the piece
  • Roll any rugs and tape
  • Bed frames can be tied or taped together

Use Proper Supplies

Using the proper moving supplies to pack will increase the effectiveness. The right size box or packing materials used provides the right space to prevent breakage. Special moving boxes are used for items such as wardrobes, pictures and dishes. Professional packing services provided include the knowledge to pack moving boxes as well as the truck to increase the safety of moving all household goods.