Professional Moving

Moving Services

All move jobs are done by experienced professionals. Care is taken to prevent damage and make all moves smooth. From moving each piece to securing all items in the truck to unloading and placing pieces where ever the destination. American Dream Moving is committed to customer satisfaction. Always trying to go above and beyond has always been the company's policy.

Moving Tips

  • Get an onsite moving quote when possible
  • Be sure all information is disclosed before move
  • Always check credentials
  • Pack as much as possible to lower costs
  • Use proper box size and type
  • Use packing paper or padding on fragile items
  • Remove valuable items and personally transport
  • Give as much notice to movers to book as possible
  • Mark boxes as to know where each one will be placed
  • Supply movers with info such as elevators, stairs, parking instructions
  • Contact post office with change of address
  • Contact utilities to be on at appropriate time
  • Keep pets and children out of movers way to prevent accidents
  • Be sure access to destination is secured
  • Keep necessities in a convenient place for easy access during unpacking
  • Plan enough time to unpack and organize

Professional Movers

All help is professional with varied experience in all phases of moving. The experience allows all jobs easy or difficult, to be accomplished in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Protecting all items is a number one priority in the company. Loading, packing, storing and unloading is done efficiently and safely. The equipment used is for the protection of all items moved. Shrink wrap and tape are used for drawers and doors to prevent opening. Dollies and wheelers are to provide movement without damage. Pads are used between surfaces to prevent damage to surfaces.
Office desk move
Wrapped desk during office move.
Fort Myers Beach at night